Pubmint GmbH (“the Company”) is fully committed to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which will go into effect on May 25th, 2018. As we take privacy and information security very seriously, we have been working internally, for months, to ensure all actions are taken to comply with GDPR requirements. To do so, our team has been supported by legal consultants and other external privacy experts. Pubmint GmbH has already invested, and will continue to invest, significant resources to support the GDPR compliance process.

Below is an overview of the actions already implemented by Pubmint GmbH in relation with GDPR requirements:

Pubmint GmbH has achieved the mapping of all its data and technical & organisational security measures, as required by applicable law.

The Company has ensured that there is a lawful basis and/ or legitimate interest for the processing of all EU’s Personal data. In the case consent is required, Pubmint GmbH will keep evidence of the obtained unambiguous consents.

Pubmint GmbH has ensured the compliance of all documents, including its online privacy policy, DPAs, IOs and other agreements, with GDPR requirements.

A Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) has been appointed to ensure compliance with the GDPR. You can contact Pubmint GmbH SAS and our DPO at

Pubmint GmbH’ employees have been trained to better understand the GDPR requirements, the importance of information security and the company’s data privacy processes.